All the mods, items, mobs, skins, and blocks that you create for Minecraft: Java Edition are only available to you through the private Tynker server. You need to be in your private world to see and use them. If you are having trouble, make sure you have your resource packs enabled by following the instructions in the "Resource Packs" section below. If you still do not have access to your mods, check the code in the mods to make sure it is correct. If it is wrong, it will seem like it is not active in your server.

Resource Packs

After you add the Tynker server to your sever list, make sure you have the resource packs set to download. To check if the resource packs are downloading, follow these steps: 

  • When you first open Minecraft, after you select multiplayer, highlight the Tynker server and then click Edit. You should see a page like this: 


  • We recommend that you set the Server Resource Packs to Prompt by clicking on the "Server Resource Packs" button. This means that it will ask you each time you enter your world whether or not you want to download the pack. 
  • To have access to your items, mods, mobs, blocks, and skins, select "Yes" when you are asked to download the resource pack when you join your world. Without your resource pack, you will not have access to any of your creations. Also, when you activate or deactivate anything in Tynker, make sure to exit the server and re-enter or else it will not show up.