Tynker After School and Camp

Tynker is widely used in over 80,000 schools, after-school enrichment centers and camps to engage kids in a creative learning experience while they learn to code with friends.  Since 2012, more than 60 million kids have started coding with Tynker’s fun puzzles and coding games and built millions of apps and games to play and share with friends.  Tynker's coding solution is used in camps of all sizes including large franchises such as Sylvan Learning and IDTech camps. This summer, Apple used Tynker in its summer coding camp at all retail stores. You can read more about Tynker in the news here.

Tynker’s turn-key solution for camp providers offers the following components:

  • A novel system of teaching programming through games, puzzles and projects

  • A complete suite of online digital creativity tools and a scaffolded curriculum

  • Curriculum that fosters self-paced learning, coupled with minor instructor guidance

  • Fun activities for different age groups and experience levels

  • Flexible programs and pricing options

  • Basic camp instructor training to get started

  • Premium support

  • Nothing to install! Everything is browser based and cloud hosted

Signing Up 

The easiest way to get started is for each of your franchises to sign up for a FREE camp educator account on Tynker. 



Getting Started

Running a Tynker programming camp is very easy. You can get set up and running in 10 minutes.  The instructors can create student accounts individually or in bulk and assign the activities to get them tynkering! Within the first few hours, kids learn on their own and build interactive stories, animations, apps and even their own games. Each day in Tynker Camp is filled with programming projects that they can share with friends and family.

Camp and After School Programs Available for 2017 

The current camp and after school course portfolio includes:

  • Creative Coding Studio - Half day camp
  • Animation Studio- Half day camp
  • Game Design Studio 1- Half day camp
  • Game Design Studio 2- Half day camp
  • Game Design Studio - Full Day Camp
  • Minecraft Mod Design - Half Day Camp
  • Minecraft Game Design - Half Day Camp
  • JavaScript Coding - Half Day Camp
  • Python Coding - Half Day Camp
  • 3D Game Design Studio - Half Day Camp
  • Game Design 101, 102 - After school courses for grades 3-5
  • Game Design 201, 202 - After School courses for grades 6-8

Each course has a minimum of 10 hours of coding curriculum, with some extra lessons added as a buffer.  The lessons are self-guided and self-paced and students learn by themselves with little or no guidance from an instructor. Each lesson includes a detailed teacher guide and answer keys for the instructor. For a detailed look at the lessons click on any of the thumbnails here:



Computer Requirements

Each student needs to have an Internet-enabled computer such as a chromebook, PC or Mac. There is nothing to download or install. We recommend using Chrome browser.  The courses do not work on a tablet or mobile phone. However, we do have Tynker Apps on Android tablets and iPads so that kids can run their creations on the devices. You can download these free apps from Apple App Store and Google Play.



After adding funds, an "Admin" tab appears in the user interface and includes a Camp Kit - this kit includes marketing, operational and curricular materials to help you. 

Pricing and Payments

Add funds online in increments of $500. Each time a student is enrolled in any of the courses listed above, a course enrollment fee of $50-$100 is deducted from the remaining balance depending on what course the payment is for. These credits do not expire. You can add more funds at any time. There are no other fees other than the course enrollment fee.  Students get to keep their accounts and portfolios for ever.  

Getting Support

Send an email to support@tynker.com and one of us will help you out. We are pretty responsive and will be able to help with any issue.