Early learners do especially well on our iPad app. If your child has access to an iPad, they can try any of our 10 mobile courses. These courses work offline, so kids can use the app anywhere (even on vacation!) without internet access. Two of our courses, Space Cadet and Dragon Spells, map directly to the elementary curriculum in the Apple Everyone Can Code program. Beyond those, we offer nine additional beginner and intermediate courses to try.

We split our 20+ web courses and projects into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, so even kids with no experience can dive into coding with a fun beginner course. Glitch Manor is great for young beginners, children between 10 and 12 can start off with Turing’s Tower, and we  recommend Goblin Quest for kids over 12. If your child has already logged some coding hours, feel free to jump to an intermediate or advanced course. While we do have age- and experience-based recommendations, kids can follow any path they’re interested in pursuing! This is a sample path for a 7-year-old beginner: