Note that the server is only available for Minecraft: Java Edition.

Before gaining access to our private server in Minecraft, you need to link your student Tynker account to the Mojang account that you signed up for when you purchased Minecraft. 

  1. Make sure that you have linked a parent account to the student account. You will not be able to set up your Minecraft server without being linked to a parent account.
  2. Log into the Tynker student account that you want to link to the server.
  3. Click on "Minecraft" on the left and then "Server" at the top.
  4. Click "Set Up Now" to start setting up your server. Enter the Mojang username and select a world name.

After you have linked your Tynker account to your Mojang username, you can connect to the Tynker server.

  1. Open up Minecraft and log in with the Mojang account that was entered in Tynker.
  2. Click Multiplayer and add to the server list.
  3. Join the server and you will be in the Tynker lobby.
  4. From there, type /join {Insert world name here} without the brackets and adding the world name that was chosen. 
  5. You will now be in your private world and will have access to the Active mods, items, blocks, skins, etc that you created in Tynker. 

If you have any difficulties, email