Tynker offers six types of Tynker Pro subscriptions through our website:

  1. Individual Quarterly Plan - $60/3 months
  2. Individual Yearly Plan - $120/year
  3. Individual Lifetime Plan - $240 one time payment
  4. Family Quarterly Plan - $90/3 months
  5. Family Yearly Plan - $180/year
  6. Family Lifetime Plan - $360 one time payment

The individual plans provide access for one child account while the family plans provide access for four child accounts. With the family plan, if you have less than 4 children, you have the option to work alongside your children and complete the courses with them.

Tynker has two iPad apps, the red Tynker app and Mod Creator.

The red Tynker app has two subscription options:

  1. Monthly - $7.99/month
  2. Yearly - $47.88/year

The Mod Creator app also has two subscription options:

  1. Monthly - $0.99/month
  2. Yearly - $9.99/year

We do not have a subscription option for our Android app. You must purchase access to each course individually.

Note: Our web subscription covers our web courses as well as both of our iPad apps. The Tynker iPad subscription only covers our iPad courses in the red App. The Mod Creator subscription only covers courses in the Mod Creator app. Neither iPad subscriptions provide access to our private Minecraft server. The subscriptions are set to auto-renew unless you remove that option from your parent account or iPad settings.